I Remember Banding
Casual Corner: Barbed Battlegear

+4/-1.  For 2 mana.

Hold that thought. 

I come from a time before equipment.   Raw power boosts for creatures came from things like Unholy Strength or Bad Moon.  Everyone always says how bad creatures were back in the day, and it’s true.

Trample wasn’t on very many creatures and things with First Strike were something to be feared on the battlefield.

Nowadays (some) creatures are better than spells and others will come with a familiar spell effect already on them.  There’s also new abilities like Double Strike tearing the multiverse a new one.

Barbed Battlegear is a win condition in itself.

Marisi’s Twinclaws with a Barbed Battlegear attacking!  6/3 Double Strike!

"Ok, I’ll just block with my Darksteel Myr.”

Colossal Might!  Take 19, kid!

The fact that this is reusable is just incredible to me. 

I’m also shocked this was just recently printed, but Vulshok Battlegear from Mirrodin was apparently too good since Greatsword costs the same and does half as much.

On that same note, look at this:

I wasn’t aware Accorder’s Shield was so broken as a common, they had to push it to uncommon a few months later and make it lose vigilance.

It’s a little silly both will be standard legal soon.

I will never understand Wizards of the Coast thought process for cards.

"What did those have to do with Barbed Battlegear?"

I don’t know!  I’m old!  Be quiet and go back to losing.