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My Unlucky Number 1 Tutor

I’ll admit I stole this idea.  But rather than straight up steal an idea, I’m going to flip this one on its head to tell you a story.

Scrooge McDuck has a lucky #1 dime.  It was the first dime he ever made and some stores typically frame the first dollar they ever made.

One of the first cards I ever got was a Nightmare that I pulled in my very first Revised started deck which I still have today. 

However, the first card I ever bought was an Unlimited Demonic Tutor.  This is my “unlucky number 1 tutor”.

Quick story before I tell you why it’s unlucky:

Magic was really catching on in popularity at the time and most cards shops were just starting to sell singles and they didn’t understand the difference between unlimited and revised. 

Large text is one thing, but what if you don’t play the game?  Exactly.

So I would always be on the lookout for “deals” where shops would accidently sell Unlimited cards at Revised prices.  I actually got some goodies like 2 Vesuvan Doppelgangers, this, Sengir Vampire, and my trusty Hypnotic Specter.

I say it’s “unlucky” because I whenever I do draw it, I’m always mana screwed and I tutor for a swamp.  If I don’t get it, it’s the next card down when I lose.

Every time.

Before “rolling a die” became the popular thing to determine who went first, we’d cut our decks and look at the bottom card and whoever had the highest mana cost went first.

When some friends of mine got into magic during Zendikar, we played five games in a row.  In ALL FIVE GAMES, they somehow cut this card to the bottom each time.  It was statistically unpossible.

Ironically, no one ever made me an offer for it either.  Not that I’d sell it or trade it since its been with me for so long.  But with all this evidence I’m starting to think the card is haunted/cursed.

Maybe you have a ‘lucky card’ or some other card you wouldn’t part with?